Desktop applications

What are Desktop Applications ?
This may be the kind of software systems that you are mostly using in your Windows-PC. These are the only type of software-systems that were used before Web (Internet) poular in the world. This type of software doesn't need any Internet-Browser to run it. These are powerful in processing and highly interactive than all Mobile Apps, Web Apps & Web Sites.

A common myth :

Certain NON-IT personnel can mis-understand that Desktop Applications can not communicate over internet and can not be used for making a remote-network. This is completely a wrong idea. A Desktop Application can do this much faster than a Web Sites or Web Apps. You can truly see this difference in our
desktop based products. 

Communicating with Hardware :
Desktop Apps can do this; But Web Apps are impossible to do these kind of activities. A Web App can not write any sufficient thing to end-users Disk.
Also, Web Apps can not access external electronic instruments attached to your PC (except just browse a folder and upload a file).

Performance :

Higher than All Web Apps and Mobile Apps.

User Interaction &  Screens :

Higher than All Web Apps And Mobile Apps.

What we have done : 
Already available in our key products (Eg- "Production/ Construction Site Management Systems" And "Sales and Distributor Systems" have been done as Desktop-Applications  with the full communication capability over Internet to access Remote Databases.)