Hospital Management Solution


Healthcare establishments like hospitals, nursing homes, health saloons, etc. are probably the most multifaceted and diverse-activity organizations present. It is absolutely essential for the administrators to account for each and every microscopic and minute detail. This gets more tedious and time consuming for multi-specialty healthcare organizations. Recently, a rapid growth of healthcare industry has been noticed, which in turn has made obvious need of a competent and structured administrative software system.


Some of the major reasons to implement a hospital management system are:

Less paper work
Avoid duplication of records
Effective and timely patient care
Quick and easy exchange of information between various departments
Quick and easy exchange of information between various departments
Effective billing procedure
How Systematic7 contributes:

Systematic7 is one of the leading software providers for the healthcare industry. Our product i-Medicare consists of a collection of program modules to compile one integrated software system. I-Medicare helps you to attend major activities related to the entire functional areas of the healthcare organization.

In addition, we also work with the organization to identify their needs and develop customized versions to meet their exact requirements. Build with latest technologies from Microsoft, makes i-Medicare one of the most scalable, user friendly and reliable hospital management software. It provides unlimited storage of data for unlimited users with SQL Server 2008.

    Why choose i-Medicare: These are some of the value additions that you will experience with i-Medicare:
      • Consists as many as 20 modules integrated as one
      • Scalable and reliable system
      • User friendly GUI Interface
      • Ensure capture of data at the time of entry or origin
      • Customizable as per requirement
      • Easy installation
      • Highly secured system
      • Online help facility
      • Tends to all administrative and clinical functions
      • Increase in productivity and reduce in operational costs
      • Better inventory management
      • Elimination of human errors
      • Smart card, Biometrics, Bar code, and RF optionally on required service areas
      • Quick and accurate generation of bills/reports
      • Querying IP/OP status at any point of time

    Key Features:   Performance Management and business intelligence:  
        • Enhanced performance to assist accurate and precise decisions with the help advanced business analytics.
      Modular design 
      • Modules are implemented selectively and in a standalone manner which provides greater flexibility to assemble and fulfill your requirements to safeguard investment and minimize the influence of change.

The different modules of Systematic7’s Hospital Management System are as follows:

  • Departmental modules

    • Radiology
    • Laboratory
    • Blood bank
    • Pharmacy  

  • Clinical stations

    • Station for Doctor
    • Nursing station

  • Business Modules

    • Administration
    • Patient Management
    • Clinical
    • Billing
    • EMR
    • Emergency
    • Equipment Management
    • Nursing
    • Staff management
    • Surgery
    • Ward management

  • Management support modules

    • Invoicing 
    • Payment 
    • Shifts Management
    • Materials and Infrastructure management

  • Reporting

    • Complete MIS reports with Customization 

  • 3rd Party Integration

    • Accounting & Finance (Tally, Legacy System)
    • Barcodes & RFID
    • Biometrics
    • Others

  • Optional Upgrades

    • Integration with Partner Labs
    • Mobile Application Integration
    • Web Portal Integration