Mobile Application Development

In today’s world of technology, mobile devices and applications are the exact answers to a lot of questions. The fact is, users are now more involved in mobile experience than to the usual way of web surfing. Organizations all over the world cannot just ignore this fact and neglect the unlimited opportunities available in the mobile world. It’s a necessity for any of us to absorb and implement this change into the business revelation or to our personal activities.  The invasion of mobile devices and applications has eventually succeeded in connecting people all over the world. A business overlooking these facts will certainly be following after.

This is where Systematic7 Enterprises steps in. Our team of expert mobile app developers will help you precisely as per your requirement. Our main goal is to know your ideas, revamp them and then join the pieces and develop a real world mobile application. Our team works hand-in-hand with our clients in order to furnish their specific requirements resulting into a mobile application to impress their potential clients.

The main platforms in which we build the mobile apps are Android, IOS, Windows OS, Blackberry and PALM. We also develop robust cross functional mobile applications as per industry standards. The team is highly experienced in technologies like, Android SDK, Java, Android Media API’s, iPhone SDK, Cocoa, Touch Framework and many more.

  • ANDROID Development

    android_devAt present, Android is the most popular Mobile OS in the mobile world. It is based upon the Linux V2.6 Kernel. If you have an idea or a requirement to develop an application for Android, come to us. We are here to help you and work with you to develop an Android application. It is our responsibility to know your idea, gather your requirements and help you get just what you are looking for.

    Our team is able to create great and attractive Android apps.  We are highly skilled in technologies to develop custom applications in Android such as:

    • Android Software Development Kit (SDK)
    • Open GL API
    • Location API
    • Multimedia API
    • Java/J2ME
    • C++
    • Android NDK
    • SQL Lite Database

  • IOS Development (iPhone/iPad)

    ios_devWe have a dedicated and highly efficient team for IOS application development. We develop innovative and advanced iPhone/ipad applications with enhanced features like address book, multi-touch interface,dialer , accelerometer, calendar,proximity sensor , etc.

    We are highly skilled in technologies for IOS development like:

    • iPad software development kit (SDK)
    • iOS
    • XCode
    • IDE
    • Mac OS X
    • Interface Builder
    • Cocoa
    • Objective-C
    • Database & Location API
    • Safari Web kit Extensions

  • Windows Mobile Application Development

    wp_devWindows Mobile OS is developed by Microsoft. It is nothing but a compact version of the famous desktop Windows operating system. Our Windows application development team is capable of creating smart, attractive and with superior performance mobile applications. Share your requirements with us and we will build an app which will exceed all your expectations.

    Some examples of the type of Windows applications:
    • Business and productivity application
    • Social media application development
    • Multimedia applications
    • Utilities application development
    • Communication application development
    • System application development
    • GPS and navigation application
    • Internet applications development
    • 3D solutions for apps and games development

  • Cross - platform application development

    cross_devNow, get prepared for the most interesting service that we provide. Till now, we have been speaking about native Android, IOS and Windows applications. How about an app which can run irrespective of the platform? Yes, in Systematic7, we can build cross-platform applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Appcelerator, Titanium and Adobe’s Phone Gap. Our team for cross-platform development has a lot of potential in such technologies and can provide you with the best application at a fast turnaround time. This will allow the user to make use of the best of all the mobile operating systems.

    Some of the of our cross-platform application development are as follows:
    • Free and Open source
    • Create apps with HTML, CSS, jQuery and JavaScript
    • Common code for mobile apps in Android and IOS platforms with help of multiple tools
    • Supports all major mobile platforms
    • Communication application development
    • Cost effective with high productivity