Open-Source Customization and Implementation

Open-source technologies are a better way to save time and start a business very easily and cost-effectively. In simpler words, open-source software is free and openly available. The source code is published and made available to public. This enables anyone to copy, modify and redistribute the source code without paying any royalties. It guarantees the right to read and customize. Open-source technologies can be used to develop applications wherein a major chunk of functionality is available within the solution itself and with some customization can be put to use. The benefits of using open-source applications vary from vendor neutrality to enhanced portability. Integration with other software is flexible and a better way to develop projects reducing the time and cost with fast and perfect solution.

At NBM Technologies, our open-source customization team helps our clients in designing templates, creating skins, integrating designs and installing the solutions with their modules. Our expertise also includes modification and implementation of the applications to suit our client's requirements. Some of the open source products that we handle are:

  • Drupal


    Drupal, allows you to manage, organize and publish your content with boundless customization. Drupal is to build everything from enterprise applications to personal blogs. Thousands of designs and modules let you build any site that you can imagine. Drupal is used by diversified organizations from local businesses to global corporations. It is freely available to all.

  • Joomla

    opnsrc_3Joomla is one of the most powerful open-source systems. It enables you to build websites and powerful online applications. It is simple to manage and freely available to everyone. With Joomla you can add extra tools to your website, have e-commerce, forums and gallery add-ons. Our specialized Joomla web designers customize Joomla elements that have SEO benefits. Joomla offers full control of your business website without requiring in depth programming.

  • WordPress

    opnsrc_4WordPress is open-source software that is invaluable. You can use WordPress to create beautiful website or blog. Thousands of themes and plug-ins are available to transform your website into anything you can imagine. Our expertise can integrate a WordPress system to suit our client's needs. We provide an optimal environment for WordPress platforms to operate in, which ensures best performance cost-effectively and timely.

  • PHP

    opnsrc_8PHP is an open-source scripting language that is used to create dynamic web pages. A full enthusiastic team works to help you come out with the best-in-solution speedily and in a cost-cutting way.

  • Ruby

    opnsrc_5Ruby is a dynamic and reflective open-source programming language. It is a powerful web framework that helps to create web applications easily and quickly. It powers amazing open-source web applications. Our expert team can help you to use directly or improvise further.

  • Python

    opnsrc_6Python is an open-source application that is free to use. It is a programming language that enables you to work fast and integrate your systems more effectively. It delivers immediate gains in productivity at low maintenance costs. Python runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. At NBM Technologies, we have a collaborative team to work with.